The Pros of Using a Disposable Colostomy Bag

If you are a stoma patient, you will want what kinds of colostomy bag fits you. Using a colostomy bag protection belt and learning some useful and practical habits to understand when and how to change it is essential. If possible, you should change your colostomy bag frequently, especially after a bowel movement. You may prefer to carry a colostomy bag that can only be changed and removed immediately, rather than an ostomy bag that you sometimes want to empty. This decision is always up to the user. This manual discusses a disposable colostomy bag and the pros and cons of using them.

Easy to Carry

healthThe small size fits perfectly with the colostomy bag or the inside pocket of a jacket. Just take the used pop-up and another one in a few minutes. For example, if you travel with your family, you will have a quick turn when you need it. Yes, another inmate – your spouse or children may want to put up with a little odor nuisance, but they will know.

Easy to Dispose

Disposal is easy, as ostomy supplies are supplied with odorless inlet containers, with a slightly scented pair. As soon as you put the used bag in one bag and tie it tightly, you can throw it in the same particular toilet container used for the disposal of toiletries. They are great when you have essential to attend to like a meeting, party or any special occasion. You do not need to stress yourself by emptying your colostomy bag if you are outside your house.


Disposal is quick and easy once you master the movement of the bag. The disposable colostomy bag will be much more suitable for infants and young children. Closed ostomy bags are incredibly useful when you need to change your luggage in a public bathroom or at a friend’s house. Because the closed ostomy bag is completely sealed, there is no chance of leakage or odor escaping.


It is waterproof and leak-proof, does not absorb moisture from the outside, and does not allow moisture to enter from the outside to the inside, which means you can wash, shower, or swim in the bag. Although I prefer the drainable types, I have found that there have been several cases where I had no choice but to use a closed shovel. It usually means that you will have more bag every week and spend more money on them. Some use closed colostomy bags that are good for less waste. It isn’t easy sometimes to use them because of the constant changes, and much more fluid.